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Watermelon is the creative flow for successful energy in your everyday life and your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Expertise

You expect results. You want to increase traffic and improve your lead generation. Watermelon Consulting is your partner for digital marketing services such as SEO, SEA, SMO, mailing campaigns, analytics, and more. Through inbound marketing and content strategy techniques, we boost your brand visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We provide you SEO services to generate qualified traffic to your website. Our SEO Team works with cocoon semantics and creates backlinks and internal links to help drive more traffic to your website or app. Our team of content providers creates articles that are keyword-focused and attract your target. Further, analytics help evaluate your performance and the value of your website.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

To develop your presence and brand awareness, our SMO Team will create the strategies within your professional networks. We identify your tone of voice and personality of your business. While providing the tools to improve your communication as well as writing original content via social media channels to generate influence.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

We use platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Pixels to accelerate your business visibility. Based on keyword analysis, budget management, announcement creation, and marketing campaigns, our SEA team launches, manages, and evaluates the performance of your advertising impact.

Mailing Campaigns

Different from traditional mailing services, we offer mailing campaigns for business as a transaction and branding mean. We work with e-commerce sites, events, and B2B organizations, to give customers information about your business, as well as provide them references to use/buy your service/product.


The digital marketing analytics team uses analytic tools to collect data from not only your website but also sources like social media, emails, or SEO, to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and performance of your business. Then we use those data as a base to identify potential opportunities for the marketing strategy to structure your business goals and KPIs.

International Development

If you think it’s time for your business to grow beyond the current geographical situation, we can help you leverage and capitalize it to reach out to a wider audience. Multiply your strengths and adapt your digital voice to different cultures. With Watermelon Consulting, together we can push your business to a larger scale and develop it globally.

Digital Marketing Services

Whether you’re a start-up, B2B,
or e-commerce company,
choose the package that best fits your needs.

SEO Essentials

SEO Essentials

If you’re a start-up or a small business looking to build a strategy and awareness, we offer you this Starter Package to begin with the basic demands in Digital Marketing.

  • SEO – 5 to 10 keywords, one language.
  • Analysis and recommendations.
  • Modifications directly to your site – content, and links.
  • Blog – 1 original blog article on-site or off-site per month.
  • Analytics – monthly traffic report.

In-depth Marketing

In-depth Marketing

You’re a small business and you need to develop your traffic, then the In-depth Package can help you increase brand awareness as well as expanding the KPIs of your business.

  • SEO – 10 to 20 keywords, 2 languages.
  • Analysis and recommendations.
  • Modifications directly to your site – content, and links.
  • Blog – 2 blog articles on-site or off-site per month.
  • Landing pages – 2 main landing pages with call-to-action.
  • SMO – 2 post / week.
  • Analytics – monthly traffic report and keyword performance report.

Full-service Marketing

Full-service Marketing

For companies that need complete service in multiple countries, our Full-Service Package is an ideal choice to create a full digital marketing strategy for your professional business. By generating a detailed program of services, we can help you master your branding and boost the return on investment.

  • SEO – 30 keywords, up to 4 countries/languages.
  • Blog – 4 blog articles on-site or off-site per month analysis and recommendations.
  • Modifications directly to your site – content, and links.
  • Landing page – 5 main landing pages with call-to-action.
  • Mailing – 2 mailings per month.
  • SMO – 5 post / week.
  • Analytics – monthly traffic report and keyword performance report.
  • SEA – option budget to be determined by lots of 50 keywords.
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