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4 “superstar” apps that help you get work done ahead of time

Writing and designing apps have been developed to a new level in the digital age. They complete your tasks in a neat way. Find out now!

4 apps for writers and designers

Compare super “hero” apps in your dreams:

  1. Canva: by moving your mouse to drag and drop, you easily finished article, banner, brochure, promotional email… 
  2. Google Slide: really useful for you when working in groups. Slide dispels worries about forgetting to store or deleting important content.
  3. save you hours of sitting at the computer. Not only providing diverse templates, also inspires your work.
  4. Ludus: you are more confident thanks to the “Ludus” tool that always understands and assists timely help.
  5. Crello: besides trending designs, Crello also supports you get the job done in a flash. Work progress can be controlled when Crello is at your side.

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