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5 questions to consider when hiring a SEO Content Specialist

In the field of digital marketing, it is easy to see that the term “Content is King” (a famous saying of Microsoft founder – Bill Gates) is an extremely magical clause, still being mentioned often.

However, finding a SEO content specialist is still a pretty big challenge.

When the Internet started, there weren’t many websites competing for the Top 1 spots. Before Google came along, Yahoo was the most popular and results were based on categories and alphabetical order. 

To increase the difficulty, Google is also constantly improving the ranking algorithm. Basically, Google tries its best to keep your search results far from the Top 1, if your content is not of good quality and does not bring any value.

This is why you need to hire an SEO content writer.

5 questions should be considered when hiring SEO Content Specialist

Because ranking is not as easy as it used to be, you need a writer who is really capable of improving your website’s search engine rankings:

  • Do you need quality? Your thoughts revolve around the topic:
    • Write SEO friendly content
    • Write SEO friendly content

Besides, you look for experienced content experts to understand your writing, as well as capture what readers are interested in.

At the same time, you have to deal with multiple projects, tight deadlines, or even small budgets. And you have absolutely no idea where to find a good writer to help you.

Here are some questions you need to consider:

1. Will a Copywriter or Content Writer role suit your goals?

First, you need to understand the difference.

  • Copywriter: write content that convinces people to take an action – called a conversion. Copywriter’s products are content that is created to increase brand awareness, push more sales or possibly navigate the users. The content typically includes promotional materials, web pages, landing pages, emails, etc.
  • Content writer: write content that entertains, provides information, or “educates” audiences in an effort to build strong trust and credibility. Content Writer products are more difficult to measure results like ebooks, technical information, infographic, video script, etc.

Understanding the different roles of each position helps you understand where you start your search.

Many writers do both because they have advanced skills. Others are in exactly one lane. Even so, that doesn’t make your approach right or wrong, as long as you can tell the difference between the two positions of the writer you are looking for.

Tip: Tell them about the job description and requirements first. Ask the candidate about their direction: Copywriter or Content Writer. If they are your ideal candidate, you will know.

2. How well do you work with an SEO content specialist?

Nothing derails a project faster than ambiguous roles.

Right from the start, decide who the content writer (SEO writer) will work directly with on the team. How often do you want them to see each other? How will they exchange information? Who needs to be CC in emails or included in meetings? See SEO writers as part of the team from the start, even if they’re freelance, part-time, or full-time.

All of these things will develop gradually in a short period of time, but if you are not attentive, communication problems can occur and you may not be able to control as you wish.

Tip: Introduce writers to your designer, marketing manager, and sales manager. Invite writers to all meetings relevant to their work (especially design and strategy).

3. Should you ask to see a sample SEO article or a Portfolio?

You should absolutely request a writer’s portfolio. But notice in advance…, the content of their portfolio doesn’t have to be related to your business.

Instead of looking for an exact copy of what’s relevant to your business, look for other factors like:

  • Can writers organize ideas logically?
  • Do writers have a distinctive and clear writing style?
  • Do writers understand their audience/ viewers?
  • Is the article easy to read?
  • Is the sentence well constructed?
  • Is the information coherent and easy to understand?

All of this helps you understand more about the writer’s job as an SEO content specialist.

Tip: Try to get a general sense of whether the SEO content specialist can think critically, carefully, and execute an idea from start to finish. Your understanding about the candidate will be more important than having them know all the details about your industry.

4. Should you ask them to take the test?

The answer is “it depends.”

Why? Tests tend to be a waste of time. Tests are usually created for testing purposes and for testing reasons, therefore tests will not be realistic.

The important tests that a business needs are trust and belief. If you are not confident about the candidate’s abilities yet, you can establish trust in another way, don’t waste time on tests where you already know the results aren’t good in your mind.

Tip: Instead of stressing the test, ask more questions. Request for more references, products that the candidate has made during the time they worked at the previous company. Ask them to explain their process and ideas in more detail.

5. How do SEO content specialists charge?

This is an important question that any candidate must ponder at one time or another, but how they answer is important for two reasons:

  • The way that candidates speak about their cost will show their confidence.
  • They will present a clear reason for the cost calculation.

When an SEO content expert talks about their numbers, it’s important to explain the two reasons above. We all seek to do what works best for us, what we are trying to achieve, and focus on the results of our work. Each of us has our own style, preferences and pricing patterns to follow.

Tip: Don’t ask copywriters or content writers to negotiate their rates. It’s not fair and it puts them in an uncomfortable position (not to mention it creates unnecessary stress). If their fees are out of your budget, you can make an effort to increase revenue, you can further raise the company’s solutions, or you can reduce the requirements in your current job description.


In general, SEO content specialists are not only responsible for writing and editing content, but also responsible for contributing strategic and innovative ideas behind the content.

To hire a good SEO content specialist, look in one direction with your candidate. Find a candidate brave enough to break conventional barriers and tell compelling stories and deliver better messages.