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5 questions to consider when hiring a SEO content specialist

At the time that Internet started in the 1960s, websites rarely competed with each other. Before Google, Yahoo! dominates the market alone. Users search websites based on categories and alphabetical order.

Nowadays, search engines become more popular. Websites see search engines as “canonise tables” and are ready to perform SEO-standard content optimization.

Therefore, SEO content specialist is an important position in every business.

If you are wondering how to hire the right talent for this position, find out more below!

5 questions to consider when hiring an SEO content specialist

The ranking algorithm is tough to catch up. Many websites lose a chance of ranking in the Top 10 (except for advertising). Thus, you should consider:

1. Copywriter or Content Writer?

The meaning of each of these job titles is as follows:

  • Copywriter: create content that convinces your audience to take action – often called a conversion. Copywriter’s products include messages that help increase brand awareness, improve sales, and navigate users. They mainly write about: ad descriptions, website articles, landing pages, emails, etc.
  • Content writers: create content that entertains, provides information, or “educates” the audience. They use extremely distinctive and unique language. Their products are more difficult to measure results like e-books, resources. technical data, infographic, video, etc.

Most content professionals prefer to have both skills. However, a few people stayed in the same lane. Perceiving the difference, you know the approach.

2. How to cooperate with them?

Lacking of split roles, the project is easy to derail or “fall down” like dominoes. At the outset, decide who the SEO content specialist will work with. How soon do you want them to see each other? How do they discuss? Who gets CC in email?

All of these will develop gradually over a short period of time. Even so, communication problems still occur.

Hint: Introduce the SEO content specialist to the head of design, marketing, and business manager. Invite them to a business meeting (especially design and strategy).

3. Portfolio attachment required?

Upon candidates send Portfolio via email, you should avoid wasting time looking at content related to the business. Instead, reflect on factors like:

  • Do they organize ideas closely?
  • Do they have a style?
  • Do they understand the audience/viewers?
  • Well-built sentence structure?
  • Concise and clear figures?

These components support you recruit the right talent for the position of SEO content specialist.

Extra tip: see if SEO content professionals to think critically, attentively, and execute project from start to finish.

4. Skill tests required?

The tests are annoying for experimental reasons and lack of practicality.

To put it simply, the tests depends on belief from both sides. In case you doubt the candidate’s ability, you need to establish trust in the other direction.

Do not dive into tests where you already guess the results.

For example, take notes carefully, communicate directly, chat and exchange before the interview.

5. Negotiate costs?

Sometimes in the hiring process, you might “get straight to the point” rather than roundabout. Refer to the following 2 simple evaluation methods:

  • Showing confident and positive attitude
  • Explain cost reasonably

Besides skills, you can gauge professionalism by negotiating salary with candidates. They have to be the one to tell the pattern, the way to work with you.


SEO content specialists act as composers, editors, and contributors to the concept behind the content.

To hire good professionals, make sure you look in the same way with the candidate. Find a candidate brave enough to break down conventional barriers. Actively create impressive slogans while telling a compelling story.