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Advertising platform for SOLO people who like to be “lonely”

The hit song of Black Pink’s rapper/ singer “Solo” – Jennie has reached over 804M views within 3 years of its debut. In this M/V, Jennie sings about her love story which is “I am tired of pretending”. Then she decides to “shining solo”. Today, people want to go “solo” as the lyrics of Jennie.

The reason many people still not open their heart

“In Vietnam, the percentage of people living alone is increasing. It is from 6.23% in 2004 to 10.1% in 2019, according to the General Statistics Office.

“Single habits have become a new trend, representing the economic and spiritual independence of some young people,” said Mr. Vo Minh Thanh, lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the University of Education Ho Chi Minh City. According to Mr. Thanh, not only pursuing individualism, finding a suitable partner seems impossible or fear of children, obsession with an unhappy marriage also makes many people choose to be single.

According to a 2012 study by psychologists at the City University of San Diego and published by the American Psychological Association, people living in the 80s and 90s are more likely to be self-centered than those who grew up in the previous generation. They appreciate independence. Plus the biggest motivation is the desire to live for themselves. If marriage can not improve their quality of life, or affect their self-worth, they will not choose marriage.” – Quote from Vnexpress.

In addition, we all understand that Covid-19 presents an unprecedented challenge. People are not leaving their homes very often over the last 7-8 months. Businesses across nearly every industry and all over the country have been affected by the virus in many ways. There are economic losses, disruptions in supply chains, and the ongoing challenges in conducting operations online.

Because not leaving home as much, people are spending way more time online than ever before. Internet usage soared 25% within a few days in mid-March. And since then, we’ve been visiting websites, video chatting, streaming, video gaming, and connecting on social media in record-breaking numbers. Source: Triton Commerce.

This means that businesses depend on social media instead of traditional marketing strategies.

Advertising platform for singles

Whether your business has had a digital marketing strategy for years or you are unsure how to use online marketing effectively. It is time to dial in because there are several reasons why the importance of digital marketing will only continue to grow during and after Covid-19.


Facebook gives brands many opportunities to share promotional content for the frozen hearts of new single people. If you follow the news on Facebook regularly, you will easily find tutorials to learn about. The way single people act on the internet to make the most of their sad lives.

For example:

  • Single people often feel very fragile, so they need to find things to pull them out of that depressed mood. => Perfect opportunity for you to market all your products thoroughly and create buzz.
  • Singles like to “experience”. => Why not talk about traveling or discovering new hobbies?
  • Singles need to be told stories like they are children. => Brand content should just be as simple as “I understand you.” Really, you just have to stand in their shoes.
  • Single people have a lot of free time doing nothing. => It is best to find a way to reach them via mobile phone. Hint: presenting the latest technology trends.

Another note: men are easily unstable after a breakup. Because they do not have the habit of confiding like women. They often use Facebook to reveal their feelings. Sometimes, they share status lines: “no one understands”, “a consolation”, “sad mood”, “longing for each day”… before becoming single.


Instagram delivers effective ROI with visuals posted through various ad formats. Therefore, singles care a lot about the Instagram platform. Popular ad formats include:

  • Photo Ads – Pictures
  • Carousel Ads – Scroll Bar
  • Collection Ads – Photo Gallery
  • Stories Ads – Post News
  • Ads in Explore – Enjoy
  • Instagram Reels Ads – Video

Another awesome point, Instagram advertising is driving website traffic. The price per click is quite affordable. An Instagram ad generates an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.58%. While the average CTR of most ad campaigns is only 0.35%. On the other hand, if you want your ads to be charged for clicks, likes, comments and video views, make sure additional costs are higher.

When using Instagram, you can track the results regularly. Instagram reports the number of ad views, website or business pages clicks. All are presented on the Instagram Insights background (Creator and business accounts only). Alternatively, you can also use your Facebook Ads Manager to view more in-depth analytics.

Final words

The behavior of consumers has changed. People can be seen on the street before the pandemic. Now, they rarely go outside. To boost your digital presence, you will need to adapt your business model and methods to match your consumer behavior. Not only survive but have the ability to grow in long-term time and beyond.