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Ask fans to put your Hashtags in posts. Will it be easy?

The brand name is considered as one of the strong influence means to user behavior. However, using any name/ Hashtag can not work or make “magic” happen. Even if you invest in a high-end image, you still have problems. Because, most users choose products based on their personal opinion mainly.

More importantly, you should learn more about how to take advantage of Consumer Generated Marketing (CGM) method aka User Generated Marketing.

CGM phrase

Consumer Generated Marketing has focuses on getting users’ attention. The goal is to let users create brand messages. First, the brand will show the user how to use the actual product. Then the user shows the thoughts in their mind.

By sharing brand products, you are inspiring to spread the message of your brand. The fan page is where you encourage creativity. You can also integrate social media content into your website to promote multi-channel circles.

Recent research indicates that CGM is more likely to convert than PC (Professional Content). On top of that, according to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Report, 83% of consumers value community reviews more than PCs.

Will it be easy?

Consumer Generated Marketing is a lot simpler than we think. What we need are some actionable strategies to lead the audience to engage with the brand. More specifically, they will post Hashtags with product photos on Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok pages.

Has this always been the goal you aimed for your website in the first place?

Check out a few ways to create high converting #Hashtags and grow your user-generated content database:

1. Creating a # starting with the brand name

The use of Hashtag is extremely miraculous. You will use the # symbols before the text to select a specific target. This way encourages your audience to interact more closely with your brand. Hint: start # with the name representing the business. Or, use a creative Hashtag with your brand name. Without smart #, the UGM platform cannot collect UGM and gauge your brand awareness.

For example, global fashion brand Karl Lagerfeld uses #KARLLAGERFELD across all of its social media platforms.

Users will see the # as an “implicit” language to communicate or chat with your brand.

2. Creating a # starting with the campaign name

In addition to a branded Hashtag, we recommend using a brand new Hashtag for events, new product launches, or a User-generated Marketing program. Using different # helps you specifically target a certain group of people. At the same time increase the interaction and sharing in the brand’s activities.

For example, sportswear brand Osprey Europe uses a # to inspire more UGC, #ospreydiscoverit.

This Hashtag sharing is extremely effective. Osprey Europe builds community around # unique. They encourage images posted by users and increase authority on the web and social media.

In particular, the advantage of putting # in this way is low budget. Almost no advertising costs. Just leverage the knowledge of the brand’s target audience. You will easily make a tight connection between your brand and users.

3. Promote the # everywhere

Promote # whenever you create social media posts. Just showing # in the profile is not enough. Use this # on your product packaging, gift sets, email signatures and website.

Fashion brand Cluse insert # on the web to create a sharing movement. This increases engagement and makes consumers happy. More than that, your brand strengthens the relationship with users.

Tip: Make sure your branded # is fresh all the time. In other words, choose a # that you use in the future instead of a short period. User-generated Marketing strategies should last more than a few months.

4. Ask for user interaction

Normally when someone sees #, they will immediately spread it on the internet. But as a brand, you need to encourage people to use it.

You should create a post to promote your Hashtag only. After the customer makes a purchase, ask them to share the photo and include a Hashtag via email. As a result, the visibility of your brand is higher. Besides, you also need to send questions to the customer. Emphasize what kind of questions emcouraged the most responses.

Tip: get customers to talk about your product’s benefits in life!

To push users to create messages for your brand, you can also link social networks on your website, organize contests and giveaways…


Everyone is obsessed to be recognized by the brands they love and support. Therefore, growing fan page engagement by sharing user-generated photos is a good tactic. Users will see the photos you post and realize that they can also create their photos to share with you.

By putting # on social media, you not only have the satisfaction of knowing you have created a great product but you will also learn a lot about today’s ways of engaging with the online community.

Hashtags create a real dialogue between you and the user. Let’s begin the User Generated Marketing strategy today!