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Become marketing hero with to-do list in Autumn season

The weather is changing to say “bye-bye” Summer and get ready for Autumn. It is time to check out your to-do list now :-).

By the way, reach the notebook next to you and fill in the steps below!

 Analyse implemented marketing programs

Reassess your previous marketing project and check:

    • Current position in the market
    • Marketing activities
    • Products and services
    • Core message

By reviewing the programs over the past year, you will know how to prepare for Autumn, Winter and Christmas campaigns. If there is anything that requires updating or adjusting, you must do it right away before beginning your new marketing plan.

Create marketing plan 

Check up these points:

    • Realistic goals
    • Factors that show you are on the right track
    • Results evaluations and measurements

Realistic goals help your plan/ proposal be executed more effectively. Besides, you adjust and change actively with unpredictable movements of the market.

Just a year ago, travel tour’s advertisements encountered many obstacles and almost stopped during the prolonged social distancing period. To avoid similar situations, you are advised to plan flexibly. In particular, choose an image and message that are suitable in situations where opportunities seem to be a “luxury” in the world.

 Monitor marketing channels

This step involves marketing channels such as:

    • Social network
    • Website
    • Blog
    • Groups, forums or clubs joined

Moreover, videos, posters, emails (logos, images, words, brand fonts) should be closely examined.

If you run a campaign and constantly correct errors, the risk will affect your budget. Therefore, you might find ways to minimise the problems that need fixing.

Read in-depth articles

When you feel lack of creative idea, do not forget that you still have Google.

    • Search updated information
    • Read, watch, observe marketing industry news
    • Write down useful guidance
    • Take time to adapt with digital technology trends
    • Keep an open and progressive mind, you easily build a successful marketing strategy

 Balance your budget

Go back to the original budget and do a full “F5”:

    • Sort expenses
    • Appraise current suppliers
    • Provisions for unexpected activities

Budget management somewhat eases burdens from the past Summer, giving you the space to organise in Autumn. Think about what you can do and above all, achieving your upcoming goals.