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Customer Service at the Digital Agency

Who really is the customer for a digital agency?

Whether e-commerce or B2B, digital and web agencies strive for great customer experience. And we put a lot of attention on the final customer, or the end-user, of our projects. This is in many ways rightly so. A happy user experience creates beneficial results for all parties.

But agencies ultimately have more than one customer. We must also cater to our paying customer, the financial stakeholder of the endeavour, and the reason for which we have work to begin with. Their objectives are just as important as meeting the user’s objectives. The goal is to find the link that matches end-user requirements.

Customer Service at the Digital Agency

For example, a company may want to generate more leads. Converting that to a user objective, we want to enable our users to easily contact us. The perspective now falls on the experience instead of the KPI.  We do this through intense collaboration in helping the company understand their digital relationship with the end-user. We study the company’s objectives, values, qualities, and strengths. We take that information and we set it in relation to the user. When we discuss a digital project it’s not about the KPIs that the business needs to achieve. It’s about how these criterion meet the needs of users.

Once we apply it to the right markets and customer segments we can begin to define a clear voice and personality for the company. First and foremost this voice must appeal and relate to the final customer. This is the initial step in achieving that result.

Create a Personalized Relationship

Customer service is about this personalized relationship between the company and their customers. Users don’t expect you to know their name, but they do expect your digital platform, whether it is a web site or e-commerce catalogue or App, to immediately make sense of their need. This is at the heart of good user experience: the user is guided along the journey as if the site or app was made for them only.

Customer service is also about empathy. We should be exigent on the details because we know that if frustration sets in, users will not return to your site*.

In Conclusion

Digital agencies allow companies to better position their project as a customer service platform. Through proper strategy you can determine a perfect structure that meets demanding customers’ expectations. The agency pushes companies to rethink their content and better align their goals with customers. It’s the ultimate match.

* According to PwC: “32% of all customers would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience” (