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Digital Marketing Landscape in Ho Chi Minh City

Digital Marketing Landscape

Watermelon Consulting is a digital marketing agency that focuses on investing in your success by offering services such as SEO, SEA, SMO, Analytics, Mailing campaigns, and International development. With lead generation strategy and inbound marketing, we help you drive more traffic. In other words, we are a stakeholder of your business focusing on boosting your brand visibility.

Mutual challenges between agencies and clients

We understand that there are a lot of good agencies out there in Ho Chi Minh City that are specialized in digital marketing like Watermelon Consulting. Within this competitive market, we know that digital marketing is becoming one of the top priorities in business, especially with e-commerce and B2B businesses.
From our perspective, we see that agencies here in Ho Chi Minh City are looking for a long-term commitment with their clients. But clients might not expect that because they want to see the results before becoming a loyal customer.
So how to make these clients committed to the agencies? What these agencies focus on is developing SEO or social media to build immediate results. To some agencies, that fast pace is the perfect portfolio for them to attract more customers and drive traffic to their business. But if you, as e-commerce, local brand, or B2B business, want to evolve quickly, you need to have a one-shot marketing campaign to evaluate yourself in the market. And that process needs to be firm and constant to keep the business stable.
Consequently, the challenge for agencies in Saigon is how to get that result quickly but still strong enough to develop steadily. Most agencies will provide concrete solutions for you such as SEO or social media strategy to get quicker results. But if we value speed, are we compromising on durability?

We focus on your budget to expand the positioning

The key issue here is that clients have been ready to invest in that scenario to evolve quickly and they also want immediate results. As soon as clients go to agencies like us, it means that they have needs and they want someone to help with getting good results on that work. But if we do it fast only to see the result, the phases after that might not be solid and firm. Therefore, with Watermelon Consulting, we focus on not only the result but also the process to drive success with our clients. We understand that when you pay a certain fee to work with agencies, you expect outstanding results that will improve your ROI.

How to satisfy all of those requirements?

The key factor here is that we invest in the results and it has to be a true partnership, where the agencies think as clients and clients work with agencies like a part of the team. Meaning that everyone focuses on the same objective to win.

Reduce the cost of the service to bring incentives to the results.

As a stakeholder of your business, our top priority is your success, and we want to build trust with you. Together we can help you work on the technical issues and create inbound marketing to deliver the greatest customer experience. We offer you three packages: SEO Essentials, In-depth, and Full-service marketing solutions. Based on the scale of your business, we help you choose a suitable and reasonable offer to work together.

Create content constantly for our clients.

If you want to boost your visibility and brand awareness, your content should always be prominent enough to attract people to your business. We understand that words are the tools of communication among business and their customers. Hence, we create original content to express the vision of our clients and help them connect with potential customers.

In conclusion, digital marketing is simply evolving so fast, so the key to success is diversity and being present on as many channels as possible. We should be good at everything to stay competitive and improve visibility across today’s modern digital platforms.