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Digital Marketing Tactics

Why are we your partner?

Watermelon Consulting is a new company but brings over 20 years of experience in digital marketing by the founder. Our experience and expertise in the digital marketing industry allow us to offer you great results at a better price.

You expect results. You want to increase traffic and improve your lead generation. Watermelon Consulting is your partner for digital marketing services such as SEO, SEA, SMO, mailing campaigns, analytics, and more. Through inbound marketing and content strategy techniques, we boost your brand visibility.

How would we do SEO, SMO, and SEA?

1/ SEO

We understand and constantly focus on the changing dynamics, search on how people are searching, or how Google and others are adapting to the digital marketing industry. Along with the development of the internet and e-commerce, more and more digital services have taken over the marketing budgets around the world.

Indeed, over the last 2 decades, digital marketing changing dynamics have been evolving quickly with no hesitation. Everything has developed exponentially, including SEO, SMO, social media, content marketing or influencer marketing, etc. However, as quickly as the world changes, the trends in this field also change time after time. That is why you have to be sensitive in the digital marketing industry to follow the trends, to catch up with the community, or else, your business will be “out-of-date”.


Moreover, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice-recognition are playing a bigger role in the digital world, or even in the marketing and advertising world. Intelligent search is playing a new and important role in the digital world, that the AI will learn to understand consumer behavior, gather and integrate insights or data, search for semantics, create content, develop lead generation, or even personalize the buyer behavior and decision-making process.

To conclude all the statements above, digital marketing is all about putting our services in the right place, at the right time, for the right individual.

2/ Using social media for short-term growth and success.

Likewise being close to the consumer and generating content.

How is digital marketing different?

Digital marketing agencies like us might struggle with differentiation. Differentiation is not simply the uniqueness of your agency. It’s about how your clients perceive that uniqueness. For instance, your unique ideas and strategies can only differentiate if they can satisfy your client, not just for comparison to the competitors.

As a result, we want to make our services differentiated and bold. We want to bring the best customer experience to anyone working with us because our goal is to become your partner to success.

Attracting a small percentage of consumers with unqualified leads

First of all, why is it bad to generate unqualified leads?

  • Generates a poor image
  • Increases the cost of acquisition with limited results
  • Offboarding from users is at a much higher rate

Besides, we are following the search engine optimization closely. With the expertise we have, we are on top of it and we are setting the standard high. However, we noticed that there is a small number of customers with unqualified leads that we can deal with.

So how to define unqualified leads? This article might help you understand more:

An unqualified lead may have a need or problem that is poorly defined or cannot be properly addressed using your solution. So, how do you classify qualified leads and filter out unqualified leads more effectively? You should begin with a factual approach based on market research to your sales process to decrease your opportunity costs and increase your lead qualification efficiency. Or if you have no time or expertise to do it yourself, how about coming to us and we will help you boost your lead generation?

3/ Advertising

Along with the evolution of the internet, digital advertising is developing stronger over time. Digital advertising is promoting your products on social media and digital channels that would help to tell the story of your brand. Digital ads can be seen from everywhere, on TV, on websites, on mobile phones, on social media platforms, etc.

Then what makes digital advertising so important to digital marketing nowadays?

Consumers are always online

I can guarantee you that most of the people around you will be on their phone all day, or at least, their phones will always be in their hands. Therefore, it is easy to see digital ads everywhere on social media, websites, or online newspapers, etc. With such a convenient and easy way to reach potential consumers, digital advertising is a technique that cannot be missed.

Marketers have more targeted capacities

Rather than waiting for the response from consumers through traditional advertising like before, digital advertising can simply work for marketers. How? Digital ads can help marketers narrow down the range of potential customers who can relate to the products they are promoting. Combined with the power of digital marketing and AI, marketers can collect data from people who have interactions with the ads they posted, about what they like, what products they are interested in, etc. As a result, marketers can send these targeted consumers messages that would fit their interests and characteristics of the audience.


Based on the data collected from digital ads, marketers can customize the ads to fit their targeted customers. Along with today’s marketing and advertising tools, marketers can personalize the ads due to consumer’s interests, buying cycle, engagement level, or demographics, then suggest the suitable product/service of your brand. And in the end, you can have a more relevant conversation with your customers through any channels.


The partnership is about long-term investment. Therefore, we are going to engage with you. We understand that you expect results and success. Our goal is to help you make your success come quicker to satisfy your needs and demands when you come to a digital marketing agency.
Because of the dynamic change, it requires a long-term commitment between two sides to maintain the business relationship. To help customers understand their goals, our job is to visualize those ideas and make them real.