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Fun games to play on Google Meet for your team

A recent study by ETS scientists found that good “verbal and written communication skills” (including speaking, collaborating, problem-solving) are the most precise concern by top companies in the world. Due to the growth of the digital economy since 2018, you must have the necessary skills to meet the remote working environment. Knowing these skills is vital to position yourself for success in today’s global economy.

Flexible/ distance work via Google Meet is an adjustment for yourself, co-workers, and every member of the team. Human nature is primarily about building social relationships. So, eliminating face-to-face interaction consists of challenges that require us to invest in a different set of skills than we normally do.

When staying at home alone with a laptop, your brain suddenly switches to “sleep” mode to save energy. Even you have nothing else to do but remain working for the company 8 hours a day. If continuing like this, it will be very “secure” for you – so a few Google Meet game suggestions are listed below to help you relax and regain your mental clarity:

1. Hunting the scavengers

In the days of “sliding” to school, everyone used to play games like a treasure hunt which were especially entertained, attractive and exciting for teenagers. With the game “Scavenger Hunts”, your team members will have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to be a cool chic again.

How to play “Hunting the scavengers”: each player is encouraged to stand up and move around to gather clues.

To go on a “treasure” quest, the screen shares a list of clues and gives teams two minutes to collect as many items as possible, or say the names of each item one by one and award points to the player giving the object on the screen the fastest.

Note: only simple clues should be placed such as objects in the house that we use every day.

2. Guessing the keywords

Google Meet is a product developed by Google, accordingly using the search engine in the game is also very reasonable.

How to play “Guessing the keyword”: ask participants to guess the search term based on the results.

At each turn, a team member will type a random phrase into the Google search bar. Then they will enter search results or drag/ drop photos into a Google Meet chat. The other team members have to guess the search term based on the results. Whoever guesses the fastest or closest wins the point.

3. Telling invisible story  

Based on a hybrid drawing method used by surrealist artists to create a whimsical drawing, the Exquisite Corpse game dare players to write a “stealth” story.

The creative, collaborative advantaged points make Exquisite Corpse one of the most mirthful and useful “team-building” games of Google Meet.

How to play “Telling invisible story”: players take turns writing scripts on a page of Google Doc, then use white color format to cover up what they have written and pass it on to the next player.

To start the game, put a Google Doc link in the Google Meet chat (make sure everyone is allowed to edit). On the Google Doc document page, the first participant will write a line for the next person to write and then adjust the font color to white. The next player will only see the most recent line when opening the document.

Note: No cheating and no color shifting or text highlighting! The point of the game is that the participants try to create a coherent story with limited context.

When everyone is done, you can change the font color back to black and read the whole story for all to hear.

4. Decoding the melody

Known as “Name That Tune”, this is a game that challenges players to identify song titles based on musical rhythms.

How to play “Decoding the melody”: players have the chance to show off their musical knowledge by guessing the name after listening to the background song.

All players accessing Google Meet must select a song and prepare a file. Then turn on audio sharing and play a clip of 5 seconds or less. Their teammates have to guess the name and artist/ performer of the song.

To make the game more interesting, teammates can ask 3-4 “yes” or “no” questions to narrow down the options. If they want to level up the game, they can play 2 clips at once and confront their teammates to guess both songs.

5. Putting a caption

The Caption Game is one of the most innovative interactive Google Meet “team-building” solutions.

How to play “Putting a caption”: players think of ideas to write comments for pictures presented on the Google Meet screen.

  • To get players involved, create a Google Form that includes random images and remember to insert a field below for players to write captions on.
  • Drop the link to view the form into the chat.
  • Wait 3-5 minutes for players to fill out the content of the forms.
  • Allow screen sharing to show photos and captions for other players to see.
  • Ask players to choose (vote) the best caption for each photo.

Teams can play together to add subtitles by going into a separate meeting room. Or, you can play as an individual if your group is small.

6. Quick Q&A 

This game-related to “Will You Rather” presents a situation with a way of asking questions so that players can confess their “real” thoughts. The questions often reveal the psychology or create an uncomfortable feeling for players.

How to play “Quick Q&A”: in Google Meet, you can use a Poll feature for video calls. View instructions: click here. As a meeting moderator, you can create a Poll to get participants’ answers. After the meeting, the moderator will automatically receive an email with a report on the results of the poll. The report includes the names and responses of the participants.

Here are some sample questions for reference:

      • Would you rather forget your phone’s password or your email password?

      • Would you rather be stuck in a long Zoom meeting or on a long car ride?

      • Would you rather win the lottery or gain a big inheritance?

      • Would you rather the world forgot your greatest accomplishment or remembered your most embarrassing moment?

      • Would you rather have the ability to freeze time or speed up time?

      • Would you rather be able to travel to any location on Earth or to travel to space?

      • Would you rather have a tiny dragon or a giant turtle as a pet?

See more sample questions of the game “Quick Q&A” right here.

7. This or that?

Similar to the slang question that friends use in everyday stories, the game “This or that” asks the player to choose between two fairly basic things.

How to play “This or that”: use the Google Meet video call Poll option or turn on the voice speaking button.

Here are some sample “This or that” questions:

      • Morning or evening?

      • Cat or dog?

      • Tacos or burritos?

      • Unicorn or dragon?

      • Theme park or national park?

      • Beach or camping?

      • Sports game or concert?

      • Speak or listen?

      • Saving or spending?

      • Healthy food or junk food?

      • Coffee or tea?

      • Big parties or small get-togethers?

      • Appetizer or dessert?

      • Driver or passenger?

Very simple and easy to understand, “This or that” is one of the easiest Google Meet games to apply for remote office workers. List of other Google Meet games: 17 Best Google Meet Games & Activities for Adults in 2022. Wishing you and your teammates have moments of relaxation during working hours!