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Google Meet vs Zoom: What is your choice?

Google Meet vs. Zoom

Many of us will immediately select Google’s tool because we admire white, red, and blue color of Google.

But for group meetings or large corporate events, Zoom is the “king” of the conference. Zoom offers features such as emoji feedback, permission options, and recording… So which is well-known application to choose?

Let’s take a look at the comparison table below:

Google MeetZoom
Free planYesYes
Max. number attendees300500
Duration of meeting60 minutes (free plan)40 minutes (free plan)
Screen sharingYesYes
Caption in video callYes, real timeYes, through 3rd party
IntegrationsGoogle Workspace apps888 tools
RecordingYes, only in paid plans Yes, in all plans

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Google Meet vs Zoom: What is your choice?

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