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Greece – Digital advertising is designed for artists!

Greece is a country in everyone’s mind – especially for artists, travelers and those who are passionate about novelty.

The Legends of Ancient Greece

Greece has the most beautiful coastline in Europe. Every year, visitors travel to Greece with the intention of enjoying its natural beauty, weather and privacy. When searching for the famous “Greek beach” keyword on Google search engine, there are remarkable places like Mykonos, Zakynthos, Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes, Halkidiki, Lefkada, Cephalonia, Thasos, Naxos, Skiathos, Kos, Paros, Rethimno, Chania, Milos, Perissa, Kamari, Athens, Faliraki, Parga, Lindos, Phalasarna…

Mykonos Island

Narrow marble streets, tranquil beaches, bars and the whitewashed harbors are invited you to admire.

Top experience:

  • Explore paintings, artwork, windmill prints or decorative vases at an art gallery.
  • Walk to a peaceful, white pebble beach sheltered by a large cliff for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Climb to a peak for 360-degree views of the valleys and islands, then drop at Zeus Cave on the way down.
  • Dance the night away with international DJs in vibrant outdoor beach clubs.
  • Taste pink Malvasia wine or white Assyrtiko made with grapes grown on volcanic soil.
  • Browse the shops for Byzantine-style jewelry, hand-painted pottery and sundresses.

Top sights:

The island of Delos near Mykonos is one of the most important archaeological, historical and mythological sites in Greece. The excavations on the island are among the largest in the Mediterranean, and many of the artifacts can be found on display at the Archeological Museum of Delos and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. In 1990, UNESCO included Delos on the World Heritage List, citing it as a “particularly vast and rich” archaeological site, which “conveys the image of a great Mediterranean port with international level”.

Mykonos is named after the son or grandson of Apollo. On this island, the great battle between Zeus and the Giants took place to protect Mount Olympus and where Hercules fought with the invincible giants. According to mythology, the huge rocks all over the island are said to be petrified giants.

Literary Tradition

The writing works of Plato and Aristotle covered a wide range of topics including ethics, metaphysics, and politics in the 4th century, constituted the most prominent feature of Western knowledge in the old days. Aristotle even extended his understanding to include physics, natural history, psychology, and literary criticism. Thereupon formed the basis of Western philosophy and indeed, they determined the development of European thought for centuries.

Culinary specialties

Typical of Greek cuisine are body-building dishes with fish or olive oil, wild, garden vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, green peppers and onions. The Greek cooking chefs knew exactly what kind of fish would go well with the regional food. They also use a lot of milk, cheese, bread and honey in most of their meals. All Greek dishes are often prepared with a variety of spices such as onions, garlic, dill, mint, cinnamon, marjoram… Lamb and goat meat are quite popular in Greece, but beef is rare.

Sports spirit

Right from the flag, the color blue and white show the sports spirit of the Greeks. Blue represents protection for the country and is part of the same movement of the beaches that surround the country. The white color represents the waves in the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of this, Greece is a country with a tradition of sports. This is the birthplace of the Olympics in 776 BC. In 1896, the first modern Olympics were also held in the country’s city of Athens.

The two most popular sports in Greece are football and basketball. The three most successful football clubs in Greece are Panathinaikos, Olympiacos, and AEK Athens. The Greek national basketball team is considered one of the strongest in the world. – Wikipedia.

According to a study by Expat Explorer, 61% of people feel that life is better in Greece and they are excited about opportunities to improve their personal lives. 52% believe they will make new friends. 52% say they will learn about the local culture, 49% believe they will go out more, and 46% decide to travel more.

Digital advertising

GWI surveyed Internet users between the ages from 16 to 64 for the first time in the country in the first half of 2021, and many indicators of digital maturity are now on par with those in Western Europe.

YouTube Grand Prix

In 2019, Greece’s society is at a crossroads with community tensions and the call for equality. Lacta has decided to launch a campaign to protect the right to be loved and embrace all “flavors” with the “Act of Love” campaign.

Lacta is a line series of Greek chocolate products introduced in 1962 by the confectioner Pavlidis in Athens, Greece.

Each couple takes a photo with their favorite Lacta flavor and talks about what makes their love unique. The YouTube Works judges in Greece chose “Act for Love” as the Grand Prix winning video.

Watch the video:

Social Media

Most social networks are mainly used for personal purposes such as communicating with friends rather than for professional work. Using social media for marketing and customer service is still very limited. Businesses with a young customer base (coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc.) will use social media more often.

Social networks are the platform for customers to find information about your business. They can search for Menu information and other product-related details on their own. So they know what they look for from your brand. Experience plays a very important role for customers. They are looking for close interaction, end-to-end experiences and support.

All groups interact with social networks.

  • 96.8% own a smartphone
  • 81.3% own a desktop or laptop computer
  • Almost half (48.6%) own a tablet

In the first half of 2021, 91% of 16-24 year olds access the internet to watch videos. This percentage is lower (79.1%) between the ages of 25 and 34. Overall, almost 98% of users said they have accessed at least one social network and messaging platform.

Digital advertising reaches a diverse audience of artists from many different cultures. For SMEs, 30% use social media for their store growth, which can be considered a high percentage. LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook are the preferred social networks in Greece. Most companies use social networks to attract consumer interest and expand their business strategies.