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Can small websites/ businesses compete with big competition?

Today, small businesses face many challenges to compete in the market. Compared to big brands, small businesses are like “grains of sand” in the middle of the ocean. Or considering the size and resources, small business owners often feel a lack of confidence.

In essence, the “giants” have weaknesses as any other organisations. For example: find more customers, increase revenue and expand business areas.

Size in the digital world is a small business advantage. They share useful content, understand visitor psychology. They limit the “cramming” of data that causes visitors to cycle through searches and waste time.

Building an SEO strategy

Big brands mainly spend their budget on advertising, very “afraid” of SEO strategy. If small businesses copy this, they will not be able to survive.

The secret to building an SEO strategy includes:

  • Optimize content: text, images, videos, maps (related to business)
  • Consider the following factors: is it easy for search engines to find website? Is the site properly indexed?

Besides, small businesses ought to choose detailed keyword phrases. Generic phrases used by online news (tuoitre, kenh14, vnexpress). Niche phrases are especially relevant for small businesses.

Embrace new technology

Leverage the technology absolutely necessary to prepare for risks and unpredictable changes.

Agile small businesses try out new marketing tactic, method, technology. While large corporations update technology slower and stick to traditional solutions.

Improve customer service

Customers evaluate businesses based on the process of exchanging and receiving feedback. Some difficult people even think that customer service standards are always below their expectations.

At small businesses, the customer service department really focuses on improving communication skills. The employee/ customer distinction never existed. They consider the customer equally important. At the same time, they ensure customers trust and return.

Persistence and consistency

Large corporations achieve the top position thanks to acumen marketing and the use of communication channels. However, persistence and consistency help small businesses hold the key to success.

Instead of rushing to follow competitors, why not setting own path? With patience, small businesses confidently conquer the market.