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How should wedding jewelry be posted on social networks?

Young netizens have used social media as part of their lives to update their status, share and interact with friends for the past few decades.

Especially to Millennials from 1980 to 1994, they were more engaged with social media than any other generation. Facebook and Instagram have influenced the way young netizens to entertain, communicate, stay connected, take action including product purchase decisions. Both these platforms help to showcase premium products or brands and make connections with the target market.

Nowadays, Millennials have grown up, graduated from college, formed their personalities and dreams. Social media has become a platform to influence important milestones in the real world. Including dating and choosing a life partner to marry.

It is easy to see that Millennials depend on social media as a “handbook” for choosing the right wedding ring for the big day.

💍 Spots on wedding industry 💍

During the engagement routine, each couple will usually budget for the following expenses:

    • Interior items: 40%
    • Housewares: 20%
    • Food: 15%
    • Organizing a wedding party: 15%
    • Wedding music: 5%
    • Bride and Groom Outfits: 5%

These days with the trend of using jewelry alternatives like plastic, boho or late 60s and 70s fashion, many people assume that the younger generation is not interested in gold, silver or diamond jewelry. However, they are still willing to buy a unique wedding ring thanks to social networks.

Every year, Vietnam has at least 300,000 wedding days occurred. The cost for each wedding ranges from 150M to 300M VND. Temporarily calculating the average cost for each wedding is 200M VND, the total cost for all weddings will be about 60,000B VND.

By cause of the competition in the wedding industry, the wedding market grows over time. At the same time, those with high income are enthusiastic to invest on their wedding day. They decide very fast in a wedding celebration that every else must admire. That is why the wedding jewelry market is highly potential.

📝 The role that social media plays 📝

After notifying family and closest friends, most brides change their social media status into “engaged”.

Brides-to-be use social media to dream up their wedding ideas and interact with brands/ jewelry before talking to their fiancé. They constantly search for rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets from active jewelry stores on social media.

** 60% of brides post photos of the proposal process, wedding photography and wedding reception on social networks.

** In 2022, friends and family of the bride and groom are more likely to see the couple’s engagement news on social media.

** According to The Knot, a leading wedding information portal, 79% of brides share news of their engagement on social media within three days of receiving their proposal.

Facebook has become a popular platform that allows users to interact with brands to help organize or start planning a wedding. Social media is a place where people share an important life change that friends and family witnessed.

💎 Wedding jewelry content types 💎

What social media content topics should you work on to capture the interest of soon-to-be couples? Here are 5 pretty basic but effective content ideas for you to try right now:

Telling stories

It has been mentioned in the Watermelon Consulting blog before, but let’s say it again: People love hearing a good story. You have to admit that all successful marketing involves some form of storytelling. What could be better than showcasing the love stories behind the jewelry? For example: engagement stories, wedding stories and even anniversary stories. How did happy couples meet? How do they feel when they exchange rings?

Expert knowledge

One strategy to increase your loyal followers on social media is to create content that helps you become a trusted source of advice or demonstrate business savvy in your industry. For example, nonstop mention trends with jewelry. What is worth watching at the present? What do you recommend your customers to buy? What do you think will create a trend among young people on the internet? What do people expect from expensive jewelry like gold, silver and diamonds? Any topic that highlighted in your expertise with your audience should be considered.

Behind the brand (personalization)

Are you panic to let customers know who is the face behind the store? Hang on, do not worry too much when you want to show off your brand’s personality. If you are a small jewelry store (avoiding comparing yourself to Tiffany & Co, Bulgari, Swarovski or Cartier), you need to remember that your audience knows you are more important than anything. Accessories like jewelry are seen as a very expensive investment, and the more trust you build between your audience and your brand, the more confident they will put in their investment.

Gratitude program

If the product category that generates the majority of your sales is wedding and engagement rings, try to run a partnership or giveaway program which makes it easy to promote your brand on social media. Match up with another high-profile business that is relevant in some way. For example, collaborate with hotels, restaurants, bridal boutiques, photographers, even wine brands related to wedding receptions. Get creative! This is called a win-win partnership for both you and your partner (and the two businesses’ social media followers!).

Customer reviews

Among competitors who focus solely on “spam” messages with customers, it is genuine to get referrals/ reviews from customers that set you apart from them. In particular, if you focus on premium orders, make sure that you ask the customer to write testimonials on social media channels. A good idea: design testimonial visuals that are attractive. Then, create a Mini Game with small prizes for anyone composing social media reviews for you!

🎀 Conclude 🎀

Jewelry accessories play an important role in the wedding day among modern Millennial couples. With great effort and careful attention to social networking channels, you will be able to create an impressive image for your jewelry brand.