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The ultimate guide to create a landing page as a great marketing tool

The term landing page is known as an important part of advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads…). Newbie marketers often direct all ads to their website homepage but they are making a big mistake.

To develop a landing page as an effective visitor acquisition tool, explore the definition and steps below.

Landing page definition

In the “virtual world”, the landing page is where visitors start their journey and have their first thoughts about your products.

Landing pages designed with engaging content provide a quality experience that drives conversions beyond home page.

Steps to build a landing page

1. Define your goals

Ask yourself: What do visitors need? How much budget do they have?

Another question revolves around popular demand: Filling out forms? Signing up for the newsletter? Downloading e-documents? At the same time, combine with business goals:

  • Improve engagement
  • Receive requests and respond positively
  • Maintain credibility and reliability
  • Introduce the digital marketing program

Any landing page strategy needs to define a goal (to achieve conversion rates).

2. Competitor Research

Understanding the market means you have a “trump card” in your hand. Continue to study your opponent, ask 3 questions:

  • Who am I competing with?
  • How successful are they?
  • How do I copy their success?

If you study your opponents, you shall get better. For example, evaluate how major websites generate traffic. Take a close look at the content on their landing page. From there, you apply to your landing page.

3. Analyze visitor behavior

Each action, decision from visitors depends on their own reasons that they have not said. In addition to recommending products/ services, you should consider the factors that influence them most deeply.

Try to limit the hypothesis and come up with a solution that improves the outcome.

Get to know their habits, interests, and dreams so you can respond correctly. It sounds illogical but true.

4. Create diverse landing pages

Do you know, a website with a high number of landing pages (30+ landing pages) generates conversions 7 times more than a website with a low number of landing pages. However, this is an expensive method. Solution?

  • Focus on personalized experience
  • Provide necessary information
  • Continuous content improvement: concise, short, sweet and clear

Visitors definitely want to read more and share the landing page with friends.


With the above 4 basic steps to building a landing page, your marketing plan becomes convincing.

Do not worry too much about the things others tell you to do. Step by step, you will perfect your landing page, surpass your competitors and confidently conquer the market.