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How to write great meta tag description for your website

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) tend to underestimate the power of title, meta description because they focus on keywords or the number of articles.

However, the website’s title, meta description (meta tag) are an opportunity for them to reach potential customers.

Let’s explore the definition and methods of revamping meta description below.


During the search process, users want to know information about your website in a short and simple way, avoiding wasting their time. Through the title and meta description, they can get their needs met.

Photo example:

3 rules for perfecting meta description

1 – Maximum length 155 characters

Google gives website location (the real estate of the software giant) in pixels: 430px x 920px. Meaning: up to 155 characters for the meta description.

Note: make sure the first words connect to the user.

2 – Easy-to-read content

In addition to a reasonable length, the meta description should be unchallenging to understand and coherent.

Put yourself in the user’s perspective and share the best content. Why? You may probably avoid irrelevant results to the field you are searching for. If you feel that way, users have similar thoughts. Do not annoy them with rambling and confusing descriptions.

3 – Limit duplicate content

Google evaluates website as a “printer” when the meta description is identical, misleading the search engines. The ranking of the website can be affected or the Google index completely ignores the website. In the worst case, your website disappears as fast as the wind.

According to a Google engineer, even leaving your meta description blank (instead of a copy) is better.

Hint: Improve the title and meta description regularly. Import sitemaps into Google Search website management platform. Are you seeing your CTR increase?


Check the title and meta description for the website closely, then insert the sitemap link to track the CTR in Google.

Properly setting up meta description helps you optimise your website, escalate rankings and CTR as well as balance advertising budget more effectively.