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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

Digital marketing is as much about location as the physical world that we are living in. Inbound marketing is being in the right place at the right time to draw users into your e-shop. As much as the Physical-world, people walk past your shop and decide to walk in, inbound marketing is the same, get the visibility about where they are and then the quality of your pitch, your message that encourages users to come inside and ask for more.

Convert strangers into customers

Inbound marketing is considered to be the most effective method to turn a stranger into your potential customer and promote your business, open the door for you to engage and communicate with customers. Inbound marketing is basically everything we know about how to do through SEO, SMO, mailing but on a more precise and extremely niche level. Often, inbound marketing requires a lot of resources (content including visuals and videos, etc), and must be effectively categorized and channeled to the right person.

In inbound marketing, there are three phases:

  • Attract: captivate the right audience with valuable content and conversations that verify you as a trusted advisor who they want to engage.
  • Engage: present insights and solutions that regulate their pain points and goals so they are more likely to buy from you.
  • Delight: provide help and support to permit your customers to find success with their purchase.

The key to inbound marketing is letting the users decide whether to come in, so we treat users respectfully and we treat these users as intelligent people that know how to make decisions. More than forcing them to buy and engage with our business, we want to attract customers to purchase and use our product/service spontaneously. Inbound marketing perceives that allows users to make the right decision, “Yes, I want more” or “No, I will wait” until they make a better decision.

The value of Inbound Marketing

In the marketing world, it can be scary when there is so much noise in the real world. Hence, inbound marketing can sometimes feel less intense.

Inbound marketing might not drive more traffic than other aggressive campaigns but it is more about getting qualified traffic, also get more ROI with lower-cost acquisition and more organic visibility that lasts longer.

Sometimes in this world where highly visible real estate (top keywords, etc) costs a premium in digital advertising, you can do a mix. So when you define your digital advertising budget, remember that even though IM costs are minimum, its digital real estate return is much more valuable than advertising and has more longevity.

Inbound marketing’s main activity is to create and share useful content for the community. By starting content that is really appealing to the target audience, Inbound Marketing will attract more potential customers and make them come back regularly to update new information.

Main topics in Inbound Marketing:

  • Content Creation: Publish content that meets customers’ needs and concerns, and then share this content widely.
  • Lifecycle Marketing: Different types of marketing are needed during the different stages of a customer as they approach your business.
  • Personalization: During outreach, you will gain a better understanding of the client’s portraits and you can create personalized messages specifically for them.
  • Multi-channel: In essence, Inbound Marketing is deployed on multiple channels at the same time because customers will be ready to interact with you where they want.
  • Integration: Publishing, measurement, and analysis tools that work seamlessly as a unified engine will allow your business to focus on publishing and sharing right inside. right, in the right place and at the right time.
  • Doing Marketing in the way people love: By publishing the right content, in the right place and at the right time, marketing becomes relevant and valuable to customers, not as annoying as traditional approaches. That is how marketing is loved by everyone.


Location, location, location. You have to get the visibility and of course, at the same time, the message has to be perfectly adapted to each user. Inbound marketing offers you the capacity to present at the right place at the right time. Same as everything, but much more precise, more niche marketing.