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List of Chat Apps should always be at your side

Continuing the series ✨ Tech Excellence ✨, Watermelon helps you compare the essential (and completely free) Chat Apps on smartphones.


You can easily enter messages, photos, videos and check in.

What’s more, WhatsApp allows you to bold, italicize or add strikethrough on your text. To apply, you might need to insert some special characters before and after the text you want to format.


Even from the name is very “vibe”, right? Known for its conversation feature wherever the network exists 📶  and the useful Discover category, Viber is an indispensable utility in daily life.


Although not Son Tung’s “Sky”, it is almost the same ☁. Skype plays the role of “best friend” of writers, designers and marketers, always ready to send information and documents quickly.


The perfect combination of high quality online discussion, journaling and document exchange 😍. Zalo knows you better than ever. The registration step requires you to fill in your mobile number and receive an activation code.


A tool to contact friends, share top news on Facebook. This is a priority choice at important times. For example: revealing secrets, talking gossip, scanning “someone”…

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Which Chat App should be in your phone?

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