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Paint and Google Draw redefine modern drawing tools

Paint, Google Draw are two pretty “humble” tools. Usually, people will pay attention to tools like Word, Excel or Powerpoint. However, they can be useful for idea creations of team work and even better than many well-known tools.

If you are looking for a tool to help improve and foster collaboration, Paint, Google Draw are great tools to share creative thoughts and knowledge in an intuitive way. With the comparison table below, Watermelon will help you learn about these two tools.

Paint vs Google Draw

First, let’s distinguish the concept of Paint and Google Draw!


This is a digital drawing tool with a simple interface, helping users to grasp immediately. Although Paint is somewhat “casual” than professional design software (Photoshop, Corel, Autocad), Paint is still favored by art enthusiasts. Paint helps create drawings with a few mouse clicks or keyboard in a flash.

Works made with Paint have the same quality as drawing on paper. It can be said that Paint is really an artist’s tool.

Google Draw

This is a virtual drawing board that allows users to create content in many forms such as text input, shapes, lines, illustrations. In addition, users can also create diagrams and charts on the drawing board of this tool.

Compared to Paint, Google Draw is used in many different cases. For example: giving instructions, presenting ideas and introducing in group meetings. Google Draw is a great tool for team members to collaborate and create together.

Once you have a quick understanding of the definitions of Paint and Google Draw, simply explore the differences between both tools below:

PaintGoogle Draw
Main advantageProvide detailed, accurate drawing tools for individuals.Support collaboration, team coordination (allowing multiple users to use at the same time), edit, add, remove and comment on content…
  • Easy to use
  • Privacy
  • Performance
IntegrateNo (only use in computer)Yes (all pages are saved on Drive)

Paint appeared at a time when people “shunned” modern tools. Therefore, Paint has always had an appeal of simplicity and focus on quality. Meanwhile, Google Draw was launched at a time when technology was developing strongly to bring the ability to connect between individuals.

Hold “Paint” or get used to “Draw”? The answer is depended on you. Vote for your favorite drawing tool with Watermelon here!

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