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SEO tactics when launching your eCommerce or B2B website

In Vietnam, eCommerce is a challenging topic and the common question remains: does online shopping hold the potential to perform as well as retail stores?

Actually, if you look at the statistics, eCommerce industry is showing signs of strong development.

According to iPrice insights last year (2020), Shopee continues to lead in terms of website traffic, reaching the average 38 million visits/ month. Following are big brands such as Thegioididong with 28m visits/ month, Sendo with 27.2m visits/ month, Lazada with 27m visits/ month and Tiki with 24.5m visits/ month.

Even in times when the economy is affected by unexpected things like Covid-19 around the world, eCommerce has assisted businesses overcome the crisis.

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What does SEO eCommerce mean?

Its definition is tighten up to organic traffic. Your website ranks for free when users appreciate the content and actively return.

Users can search website from Bing, Facebook, Coc Coc, Google… So businesses need an effective SEO strategy to assure they show up on page 1.

Why is SEO really important for eCommerce?

By the time the web appeared on page 2, the traffic would have dropped by more than 50%. For businesses, this means that they shall pay additional advertising fees, revenue will be difficult to maintain compared to being ranked and trusted by Google.

There are different methods to increase rankings:

Besides, a small eCommerce website should focus on creating a large amount of content: blogs, news, updates or events…

Let’s learn through 10 days of launching SEO campaign below:

10 days of SEO for eCommerce 

  • Day 1: Construct landing pages that boost conversions
  • Day 2-5: Write blog articles and make internal links
  • Day 6-7: Index web appropriately
  • Day 8-9: Begin executing the link building plan
  • Day 10: Review your Google Search Console

After 10 days, businesses’ campaign can have a good start. 


Although SEO eCommerce involves complicated tricks and seems unfair to businesses, this is how the online marketplace works. As a business owner, you might find ways to improve your website, optimise your marketing strategy and attract the right target audience.