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Snapchat makes chatting more fun with a 3D avatar

In the past, avatars on Snapchat were only in 2D. From August 2021, Snapchat has integrated the avatar with Bitmoji 3D feature to help netizens show funny expressions and their personality on the application.

About Bitmoji 3D

The first launch of Bitmoji 3D was primarily for the Snapchatters over four years ago to install an animated and 3D version of Bitmoji into the chat app. Right now, this technology has been added to the avatar.

According to Snapchat, more than 280 million daily active users have a Bitmoji avatar associated with the account. Notably, Snap will use the term “guide to drawing the world” with a “3D experience” instead of AR (Augmented Reality).

Snap is adding popular filters as new ways for you to use your apps. So your profile will look more expressive.

For example:

  • The new 3D Bitmoji avatar provides 1,200+ facial expressions, poses, backgrounds, and gestures.
  • The “World Lenses” allows you to put unrealistic scenes with some 3D virtual objects by moving your hands around the camera on a mobile device.

In a simpler explanation, the 3D experience is an extension for you to take “personalized” photos. Snap enriches all your images with 3D augmented reality technology that combines the real and virtual world.

Revolution of Bitmoji 3D

We are in the era of the selfie but getting a perfect selfie takes a lot of work. Many of us have unsatisfied aspects in real life such as curly hair, thick eyebrows, big nose… You will not worry about this problem with the 3D avatar.

By adjusting the digital effect that enhances the drawing strokes, your cartoon avatar becomes cute and not offensive. Capture the perfect 3D avatar with just a few clicks!

Furthermore, 3D avatar can reflect who we are in society, both in terms of current cultural norms and our development in real life. Hugh Manon (Communications Director of Clark University) make clear about the cute aesthetic in media communication: “When you are setting up a 3D avatar, choosing hair color, face color, adding outfits one way and another, it is like you are recreating the original moments of childhood.”

Bitmoji 3D has attracted celebrities like Lena Dunham, Seth Rogen and Victoria Beckham. Putting a Bitmoji 3D avatar on social media means becoming trend leaders. In particular, Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon, she will fit this trend of creating unique avatar images.

Why is Bitmoji 3D identical to you?

The special drawing feature of Bitmoji 3D is strangely lovely to create a personalized emoji on the chat app. This is a subjective process, but the results are amazing.

First, the camera will create an avatar based on your facial details such as skin tone, hair color, hair length, mouth shape, eyes, nose, etc. A 3D version will then appear on your iPhone (or Android) screen. To keep moving towards the perfection of progress, you can edit the elements (anything you want to improve).

For your avatar to look like you, Bitmoji needs to complement with context. The Bitmoji library presents various options for different emotions like an artist. When an artist draws caricature sketches in the park (or at the Bat Mitzvah in the 90s), they are always asking for a hobby or something to know the essence/ appeal of the person. If you choose a black “single” shirt, the shirt becomes a reflection of your personality.

How to create Bitmoji 3D

It is so easy, you guys! Follow these steps to create and edit a 3D Bitmoji avatar:

Step 1: Download the version of Snapchat

App StoreGoogle Play Store

– Provider: Snap, Inc.

– Size: 247.8 MB

– Category: Photos & Videos

– Compatible:

iPhone – Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
iPod touch – Requires iOS 11.0 or later.


– Provided by: Snap, Inc.

– Size: 82 MB

– Current version:

– Compatible:

Android 4.4 or higher required

Step 2: Sign up for a Snapchat account

A Snapchat account needs to be created before accessing the app. Learn how to create a Snapchat username below:

  • Open the app and tap “Sign Up” to create a new Snapchat account 📝.
  • When you see a screen with the 👻  icon above the title “Find friends”, click the OK button.
  • Enter your name and tap “Sign Up & Accept”. Then enter your birthday 🎂.
  • Create a Snapchat username ✌️
    You can only change your username once a year, so choose wisely!
  • Choose a secure password 💪
    We recommend making your password 10 characters or longer so it is extra strong.
  • Enter your phone number and verify it for account security 📞
    You can also tap ‘sign up with email instead’ if you do not want to use your phone number.
  • Find your friends 👯
    You can allow access to your contacts to add your friends easily.

Ooh la la, you already have a Snapchat account. Quickly send Snaps, post Stories, play games and more! If you are wondering where to start, learn about Snapchat: click now

B3: Create your Bitmoji 

Use your camera to instantly create an avatar that looks like you.


  • Tap the “Create with Camera” button 📷..
  • When a circle appears on the screen, aim your head at it. Then select your gender with the “Male” or “Female” icon.
  • You have 3 beautiful portrait illustrations of yourself. Move the mouse on the plus sign ➕  to let the camera create many samples.
  • Are you satisfied with your hair and facial features? You can click “Looking Good” or “Make Edits”.
  • At the step of adjusting the details, you are completely free to change according to your preferences such as “Skin Tone”, “Hair Color”, “Hairstyle”, “Hair Treatment” … for yourself 👟. Don’t forget to “Save” to go on next step.
  • Are you ready to change your outfits? Choose your own “Outfits” that you wear to meet your friends 👕.
  • Way to go, bravo 🎉! To perfect your 3D photos, just tap the avatar in the upper right corner and choose one of the features like:
    • Change Outfits
    • Share Outfits
    • Pose & Background
    • Change Selfie
    • Edit Avatar
    • Shop Bitmoji Merch

Snapchat helps increase connections and sharing thoughts with your network across the Internet. There are many options to refresh your inspired Bitmoji 3D avatar every day. Try it now!