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Solve 5 tough questions that clients ask Vietnamese agencies

The common need of businesses in Vietnam is tailored marketing dives into brand’s target audience persona to create a specialised advertising and marketing funnel strategy. Specifically, they want to learn about the criteria below:

  • Define target audience based on:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Demographics
    • Online behaviour
    • Interest
  • Choose the right marketing channel
  • Create a message close to the culture of the Vietnamese people
  • Use KOL’s image to increase the credibility of the product

When looking for answers, they tend to bring up a series of extremely difficult questions for Vietnamese digital marketing agencies. If in the case of a digital agency that is not well prepared, they will feel insecure and “overwhelmed” right away.

Therefore, let’s discover how to solve 5 questions for Vietnamese digital marketing agencies:

1. On Facebook, which post performs the best?

To this question, you are truly in trouble. Why? Clients expect to receive compliments on the content written on their Fan page. If you miss a word, the clients will think that you do not understand them. This type of “arrhythmia” must be avoided immediately.

The secret to “cope” with questions about Facebook posts: think quickly how to evade the clients’ question into your answer. Repeat the term Facebook and the best post, then use your industry knowledge, Facebook Vietnam user behavior to continue expressing the meaning, respond to clients accurately and succinctly.

Remember to end the reply with your absolute admiration for both Fan page and clients in the past time.

2. What is the length of Facebook and Instagram content?

The second question is related to counting words and text characters? It seems too easy? Hey, do not think that way. The length of the content depends on the information you have at the time of receipt. The lack of information in the internal exchange process usually occurs between the clients and the agencies.

In order for this conversation to go smoothly, you should apply the “push boat” strategy lightly by responding: the time of content published on the Fan page is more important. If you post daily content, it will be short and full of information. Mainly, it is both convenient for the agency to coordinate in a timely manner, while keeping the pace of posting on the Fan page effectively.

3. How to convert English sentences to Vietnamese?

Although the agency’s expertise surrounds in the field of languages ​​(Digital/Online PR, social media, search…), translation still accounts for only a small part of the entire consulting strategy. Besides, English is spoken in the daily lives of people all over the world. Vietnamese language is limited because logic must be a large proportion of vocabulary. Only people who understand well can grasp Vietnamese. It is much simpler to use English than Vietnamese anyway.

Here is the English to Vietnamese conversion formula to face this question:

  • Vietnamese ignore articles “a” and “the”
  • Vietnamese does not have a plural
  • Vietnamese does not have different forms of the verb
  • Vietnamese tenses are only listed in 5 words: already, just, being, about to, will
  • Skip 5 words “already, just, being, about to, will” if the sentence has enough semantics

Ex: I eat rice yesterday.

  • Vietnamese grammar is almost non-existent
  • Vietnamese vocabulary is created by combining two logical words: flight radar, t-shirt, print technology…

Read in detail about the advantages of Vietnamese: click here

4. The right way to use Vietnamese slang?

Well-known brands incorporate local slang/ idioms into their marketing messages and achieve amazing results. However, slang is only popular for a short time, easy to “float” and cause information disturbance.

In the question about Vietnamese slang, you should understand according to the usage of “cheesy language” of young people. Try not to get caught up in today’s marketing or communication trends. Suitable words include: prince charming, male god, top of the top, charisma, top-notch visuals… Whether it’s male or female, hearing slang like this will “thanks a ton” to you. Save it for later use!

5. Type of minigame has “share” the most?

70% of questions is about minigames increase user interaction and bring many business benefits on social media channels. It revolves around games that have the effect of “share” on followers profiles.

You assume that clients want to apply simple game ideas that everyone can participate such as: gifts for Fan page reaching 1,000 fans, collecting lucky gift boxes, flipping pictures to receive lucky money, hunting Christmas gifts etc. In fact, clients demand to save on game development costs. The less expensive games are, the better for marketing.

Therefore, you should mention the game idea that leaves a lot of impressions, is competitive and has an interesting experience for users to actively interact on social networks.


The digital marketing agency is usually the one taking the question and answer. Pressure is inevitable for any agency. In particular, Vietnamese agencies deal with many obstacles because the Vietnamese language still has many things that we have not used yet. With the 5 questions briefly listed above, hopefully you will find a way to manage well and calmly lead the meeting.