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The Battle of the Tools – Compare Google Maps, Bing Maps and Apple Maps

Are you wondering between Google Maps, Bing Maps and Apple Maps? Each tool of course is packaged with specific brand’s service (Google supports Android, Apple assists iOS, Microsoft attaches to Microsoft). However, you can use all the tools across diverse platforms.

Too many options can make you feel “confused”. So, Watermelon Consulting will help you evaluate these “legendary” tools.

Comparing super trio maps:

  • Google Maps: provides a “pin” feature that marks the location of business and helps you find services such as restaurants, gas stations, ATMs or measure distances on the map. For example, counting the total miles of two different cities. Waaa!
  • Bing Maps: simply enter an address, a known name, and the map appears: traditional view, aerial pictures, visual exploration. You can also easily change the zoom level and set password for the map. A big thumb up for Bing!
  • Apple Maps: describes the journey to the destination at a glance. Apple works best when you turn on geolocation. You are no longer “forget the way back” 😏

Online web mapping tools have its own strengths. They can be very useful in your life. Let’s choose your favorite map here 🍉🍉🍉

Which map service do you prefer?

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