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Explore free writing assistant tools for computer geeks

Editing content is like a form of mental “torture”, extremely take time and challenging. Luckily, Grammarly and Hemingway showed up just in time to take care of the editing work for you.

Grammarly and Hemingway prevent basic and common grammar mistakes while typing. In this article, Watermelon Consulting will help you discover both of these tools:

Grammar checkers


The “magic” of Grammarly is that it integrates AI (artificial intelligence) to “rescue” your content during days of uncountable work.

Based on its AI editing engine, Grammarly offers features such as:

Inspect spelling errors when you are composing documents in English.

Suggest writing style that suits your requirements (friendly, professional, clear, concise…).

Rate content based on the lengthy sentences or overlaps. Detect copied content (if any).

Remind you to adjust, avoid small errors that lose the quality of the article.

Suggest easy-to-understand words to replace the text.

Editing and proofreading process ensures final accurate content. With Grammarly playing the role of “technical assistant”, you have complete peace of mind.


Many writers experience trouble of checking content multiple times and sharing it with everyone. They will be pleased with how Hemingway analyzes the following factors:

Adverbs are used to enhance verbs in English sentences

Example: Blog posts are simply showing different aspects of academic writing.

Should be corrected: Blog posts show different aspects of academic writing. In the second sentence, the verb “show” has more power without the word “simply”. You do not need an adverb in the above case.

Passive voice – the passive is not as effective as the active

Limit the use of passive voice in your writing. You can insert the passive sentences in academic writing, but focus on active sentences.

Complex words or phrases

To make your writing more coherent, you should use a simpler word or phrase. It is impossible to read the entire text in complicated language. So when you write, try the word that best describes what you mean.

Sentences that are difficult to read

This editing tool will show long and tricky sentences. While you want variety in your writing, make sure long sentences are not confusing.

Sentences that are very difficult to read

Reread sentences that are not only lengthy but also offensive. If you find sentences marked as very difficult to read, you need to correct them immediately.

The world of technology is developing rapidly every moment, requiring you to apply modern gadgets to improve your content efficiency. Which tool will you choose? Grammarly or Hemingway?

Công cụ chỉnh sửa yêu thích của bạn là Grammarly hay Hemingway?

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