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The prominent video ads you should check out (Part 2)

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The YouTube advertising competing will probably never have a sign of cool down in Asia. Sharing promotional videos through YouTube channel helps potential customers approach famous brands every day. From youngsters, students, officers to parents, all use social networks to update information continuously. Understanding this tastes of customers, brands are investing more actively in video advertising than before.

In this article, we continue to learn about prominent videos of each country:


Well, you may think Hyundai is a bit “cranky” to show a water bottle in Korea‘s advertisement. The first part of this video named “The Journey of PET | ‘Continue’ to take care of the Planet” is all about an ordinary object in everyday life. Then, the real key twist comes in the middle of the video. A little observance, you will discover the full hidden meaning inside 3-minute length:


Leading the video is the voice of the main character with a humorous and a witty personality. Thanks to the unexpected narration, the video has gathered over 16,000,000 views, 820 likes and 94 comments.

Save the video of Hyundai to watch on days when you feel like luck is “turning their backs” with you, learn to be confident, strong and overcome all challenges in life.

Similar to what Hyundai introduces in the description: “‘Continue’ represents our commitment to the sustainable future that Hyundai Motor Company pursues.

It’s an endeavour to allow the planet and humans to coexist in harmony.
It’s an effort to make time more valuable through freedom in mobility.
A realization of the hope of future generations who dream of tomorrow.

We need to continue, connect, and be connected. Hyundai Motor Company commences its transformative efforts for a sustainable future with ‘Continue’.”

If you want to carry on watching the impressive advertisement, then click play Japan‘s Shiseido video below:


This video’s total views: over 11,000,000 (likes and comments are hidden so it can not be viewed) enough for you to see the influence of the Shiseido brand.

The colors in the Asian video balance different levels to bring the various feeling of natural, clarity and relaxation. Understandably, Shiseido is the top brand in Japan, although the clip has very unique content, it is still loyal to Asian standards.

Singapore Airlines uses many cultural decorative elements because it is responsible for the national brand of Singapore. “Introducing the new Singapore Airlines Batik Motif” has more than 11,000,000 views, 1.2K likes and 310 comments.


Asians are trendsetters because they love following the lifestyle of Western countries. However, Asian video ads often refer to the people and culture of the region. The emphasis is always on the traditional beauty that has been treasured, preserved and honored for an extremely long time.

Closing the Asia section with the YouTube video of Fami – Vinasoy in typical Vietnamese style.


Generally, Vietnamese believe that family is the most typical representation of interpersonal cohesion, caring, sharing and protection. Fami which stands for “Family” succeeded to define this significant meaning. In the video, the wife sits down on the sofa with a magazine, and the husband wears a simple shirt while repairing the fan. Thanks to Fami, family moments are cherished like a cool and sweet cup of soy milk.

Total “traffic” is over 5,000,000 views, 107 likes even though this video has no comments yet.


If Asians love basic, pure details and balance between styles, Oceanians are the opposite. It is easy to see that the homes in the “coastal” area are laid-back, lavish with pastel colors, navy, turquoise, gray and white. Australian keeps away from fashion, trends and they abandon things that the crowd goes after.

Discover the behaviour in Australia‘s country through the million-viewed video of Dulux:


“When you paint with Dulux, you’re unleashing the full power of change. A change that can transform your outlook, your mood, your perspective. Right away, and for years to come. Colour has the potential to change how we feel, and can totally transform how we see and use a space. With Dulux you don’t just change your walls, you change your world.”


Video ads do not always need to talk about complex issues, it is best to encapsulate topics that describe the viewpoint – how you behave according to your habits.

Example: Fibre video from Vodacom in South Africa that has over 1,200,000 views.

Watch the video here: =pRbWq703h1Y

Pay attention to the contrasting areas inside each of our personal homes, music make important effects on the privacy time.

Enjoying good music, “chilling” and reciting the lyrics are super solutions to create an enjoyable experience. You will “master” the music – less bla-bla-bla and more la-la-la with Vodacom Fibre.