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The secret to make your working week more “pink”

Watermelon‘s Founder and CEO – Alex always reminds at work:

“Kindness is the driving force that navigate and determines our destiny.”


Why do you need “kindness”?

Caring for and helping each other in the workplace creates a ripple effect that has the potential to affect general levels of positivity, lighten the mood, and motivate everyone around you.

Besides, kindness brings many health benefits such as:

  • Lowers blood pressure: The act of kindness creates feelings of warmth, which helps release a hormone called oxytocin. This helps lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health.
  • Pain relief: Kindness produces endorphins to remove all the brain’s natural pain.
  • Reduce isolation: Encourage others to be in contact with people around them.
  • Reduce anxiety: Kind acts can lighten your mood because they stimulate serotonin production. This pleasant chemical will heal your wounds, calm you down, and make you happy!
  • Reduces stress: Kind people have 23% less cortisol (known as the stress hormone).

Determination, kindness and compassion will help us do better every day. Discover ways to show kindness with Watermelon!

The secret to have a “pink” working week

Helping co-workers with small things like making tea, opening doors or setting up desks are “signal” of kindness in you. In addition, you can also apply 3 simple ways below:

1. Find out what your colleagues’ interests are every week. You can send a message today, as well as take the time to create a strong connection with a colleague or your boss. Maintain relationships with co-workers, and don’t be afraid to show that they’re important to you.

2. Give sincere praise. At the same time, show gratitude when you receive help from colleagues, do not judge when they make you upset. Focus only on what they do right and create teamwork. It helps people who you respect are always ready to support you in your work.

3. Contribute to the work environment by your presence. Start by thinking about good outcomes. From thinking to action, you will become an indispensable member in a dynamic, efficient and friendly workplace.

In work and life, share good deeds, kind words, and thoughtful actions. “Give” more and don’t hesitate to praise at work, you will bring joy and make people feel appreciated. You can do it if you try today!