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Tik Tok makes it easy for businesses to reach a new audience

When social media did not exist, the only way for businesses to build marketing campaigns was through magazines, television, email or direct phone calls.

The growth of social media (Myspace in 2005, followed by Facebook 2008, then Instagram (Snapchat is trending for a brief time) introduced in 2014) has changed how businesses reach customers in the digital age.

In 2018, the Tik Tok platform was launched worldwide, and at the same time became the leading advertising “paradise” for businesses.

According to the statistics of Apptrace 2019, Tik Tok is used in over 150 different countries, and the videos on this platform can reach users all over the world.

If you are looking to reach international markets, Tik Tok is also an effective platform to connect with new audiences in other countries.

Tik Tok makes it easy for businesses to reach a new audience

With the feature of creating short videos and vivid effects every second, Tik Tok is used by businesses as a “magnet” to attract interaction, as well as the number of followers on social networks.

The typical advantages of Tik Tok include:

  • Create a simple 15s, 60s or 3 minute video
  • Change the effect with various filters
  • Adjust speed, beauty mode, timer…

Tik Tok is not a place for videos that are too blank and tedious because Tik Tok users want to see more meaningful content.

Besides, Tik Tok encourages creating videos with a creative style, expressing the personality of the owner. Tik Tok content does not have to be a presentation of all the benefits of your product/ solution. Instead, Tik Tok should be a place for businesses to show off a completely new, more interesting and attractive “version”!

Within the 15s or 60s, all the special factors about the business need to be shown, and create outstanding attraction from the crowd!

4 easiest ways to use Tik Tok for businesses

1. Create 1 frame video

Videos with more than 1 frame often require a lot of editing, and will reduce your ability to focus on the main content.

So why don’t you start with a single frame video? This is a way to drive all attention to the first images that appear on the screen of Tik Tok.

For example, check out the video below!

2. Share moments in daily life

We tend to remember the emotions we feel when we eat delicious food, a new drink, try on a shirt or experience, go on a trip, have a picnic, etc.

All these memories are rare in everyday life, and will create a special “vibration”.

Your business’s Tik Tok video should revolve around these topics to get a close connection with customers.

Check out the sample video:

3. Prioritise tips and tricks

Useful tips and instructional videos should be added to your Tik Tok channels. When customers search for helpful tips in life, they can find your videos. 

The video content or information includes modern icons, fun and eye-catching hand-drawn illustrations.

Note: you should avoid distracting viewers with unnecessary advice as well as guidance appearing in the video.

View the example video below:

4. Emphasize call-to-actions

When entering your Tik Tok page, visitors or audiences need to know what action you want them to do next.​

Therefore, in each Tik Tok video, you might consider adding a call to action before, in the middle or at the end of the video such as: “visit our website to learn more”, “leave a comment below”.

Beyond that, you can alternate using action verbs to make your content powerful: “download”, “subscribe”, “shop”, “order”, “learn more”.

Or, select more purposeful phrases like “get started today”, “register early so you don’t miss this opportunity”…

A typical CTA template:

Video is a way to increase brand engagement and encourage customers to take action after watching the entire content.

Additionally, most photo/ video sharing platforms are used mainly by young people (students and first jobbers). For example, Instagram was originally used mainly by teenagers and young adults. However, there are now millions of businesses also using Instagram as a marketing channel.


Being a social networking platform that strengthens short and simple video creation tool for young people, Tik Tok becomes a great opportunity for businesses to reach a new audience.