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Tips to create a high-converting CTA for your banner

In the world of digital marketing, time seems limited.

Customers can’t spend hours looking at an ad that they see only a title with a brand logo, and don’t know what to do next.

Usually, they will want more information. They will need a phone number for immediate contact. They are ready to fill out information and make an appointment with a consultant at the nearest date…

Therefore, CTA (also known as “call to action”) is a timely solution for businesses to guide customers to the next steps.

3 high-converting CTA templates

In this article, Watermelon will help you learn which CTA templates are most likely to increase conversions:

1. Understanding customer thoughts

A call to action can speak to a customer’s “thoughts”, not necessarily always: buy now, contact here… Why “buy now”? If you use this word often, customers will feel this is just a copy and ignore it.

Try these CTA templates:

    • Order online now or by phone
    • Click “save now” to review when needed
    • Make an appointment with our experts
    • Yes, we are open! 

With creative ways in the “call to action” button, it will be easier for you to reach customers.

2. Friendly message

If you are a small business, you have very little chance to make a good first impression with your customers. Therefore, you should avoid words that are too “cliché” and “order” to customers when writing CTA content.

The content of the CTA just needs to be friendly and light, it is also very effective.

Here are some examples:

    • Please, remember to fill in the information so we can help you
    • Oh… your cart is still empty. Contact us if you need our help
    • Join the survey now, only a moment will complete it
    • Send us your information so we can contact you right away

Even if you are not a professional writer, you can still write your own call to action based on what you understand in the simplest way.

When you put your heart into your “call to action”, customers will understand your ideas and messages.

3. Exclusive offer

The exclusive offers often bring a sense of top priority so that customers do not want to miss.

This is one of the most difficult but highly effective CTAs in digital marketing. You can try the following CTA templates:

    • 15 days free trial
    • Change iPhone (this month only)
    • Up to 80% off for Pro account
    • Dressy looks for any occasion. Use this code…
    • Special edition in 2021

In addition, you can also use hints about product features that make customers want to “click” right away.

Note: Don’t put the CTA in a place that’s too hard to see. The CTA should be a button that the customer’s hand position can easily press.

After a few minutes of “surfing” through this article, you must have understood more about CTA? Do not hesitate to contact Watermelon if you have questions.