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Watermelon is the creative flow of successful energy in your everyday life

Watermelon has a rich, refreshing taste and helps maintain strong working energy. Choosing watermelon today, the road to conquering success becomes even easier.

We design digital marketing solutions that improve business performance – something you just want to say “yes” right away!

About Watermelon Consulting

1) Brand meaning

Watermelon symbolizes faith, hope and luck. The Watermelon Consulting brand is also associated with this special meaning.

We work together towards a common goal, unite and keep an optimistic spirit at work. Whether it’s digital marketing, social media, data analytics or email projects, we strive to do the best.

2) About us

It can be encapsulated in two words: unique. Because we appreciate “home made” watermelon products.

We focus on developing innovative and creative thinking and believe that it is a different perspective to create value, rather than having to be expressed by individual expertise. If you are willing to change and experience Watermelon Consulting, you already know us 10/10. And ensure you completely satisfied with the results of your digital marketing campaigns.

Watermelon Consulting supports branding solutions and any other services that interest you.

3) Daily life?

Our priorities include work-life balance, as well as between career and family, friends or personal interests.

In addition to the time at the office, sometimes you need to work from home. On the contrary, the office turns out to be your warming nest. It is safe to say that work is like a passion for you to enjoy a meaningful life.

With this philosophy, Watermelon Consulting offers an energy flow that complements daily productivity. Watermelon Consulting will always be your companion and support you to achieve your goals every step of the way.

See you one day soon!