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Watermelon Consulting suggests 3 storage tools to help you “multitask” at work

Content storage is the topic that sometimes can be ignored, but it’s important when you have to manage and “multi-tasking” at work.

Multi-tasking refers to the ability to manage multiple tasks or projects at the same time. Even when you are focused on a task, you still have to constantly communicate, monitor other people. Therefore, you will need an “assistant” to help you manage your file storage in a smarter way.

Storage Tools – a marketer’s “assistant”

With storage tools like Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, and Google Drive, you can switch between files and perform various tasks quickly afterwards.

Here is a comparison of 3 document storage tools that you need to “collect” right away:


The magic “box” helps you to save files by a backup copy and the ability to restore with a piece of mind.

Dropbox CEO and founder, Drew Houston, says the idea to create the world’s best online storage service came from the fact that he always leaves a USB at home. And using USB can spread malicious software to personal computers. Therefore, Drew Houston created a separate software for self-use.

Basically, you just drop the document and bookmark the folder to memorize it yourself!

Microsoft One Drive

One Drive makes your life easier.

To be productive, you always have to take advantage of the available content. No one wants to waste time doing what they did the day before. Due to the rapid development of digital content, especially image, video and audio files, these diverse file types have become a nuisance to manage. It’s even a challenge when you have to grope each file to find what you need.

Every day at the end of working hour, you just need to go to One Drive and back up your PC. In a split second, your documents are safe and secure.

Google Drive

With its mission, to “reorganize the world’s information,” Drive supports storing, sharing, and collaborating on files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Drive also integrates with Docs, Sheets, and cloud-based apps to help your team collaborate effectively in real-time.

As the name suggests, Drive is super memory that keeps the work going.

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According to you, what storage tool is the best?

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