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Watermelon Consulting suggests 3 storage apps to help you “multitasking” at work

File storage is rarely mentioned in most conversation but quite important when multitasking daily.

Multitasking refers to the ability to organize and control overlapping projects. That means you have to constantly communicate with colleagues even while focusing on your projects.

By using Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive, and Google Drive, you can avoid overload, conveniently and easily manage different tasks. Let’s find out below!

3 file storage apps suggested for you


From the idea of ​​replacing USB, Dropbox has become famous everywhere.

Dropbox CEO and Founder – Drew Houston said he created this service because he often forgot his USB at home. Besides, he is worried that the USB contains malicious programs, affecting personal property. He produced his own software and widely promoted it to users.

Basically, you just need to drag and drop all files into Dropbox.

Microsoft One Drive

On the outside, content such as audio, images, and video seem to be small objects. However, they are potentially a huge trouble if you are not careful. A moment of distraction, you return to a blank page.

Every time you leave your desk, back up your PC with Microsoft One Drive. In a split second, the file is fully secured.

Google Drive

With the mission of “reorganizing the world’s information”, Google Drive designs diverse utilities: upload, add new folders, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides… to support flexible and effective group collaboration. As the name, Google Drive keeps the work going forward.

Which file storage app do you decide to choose? Share with Watermelon Consulting now!

According to you, which file storage app is the best?

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