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Which are the websites that can help you build backlinks?

Website content creation and SEO are two quite different aspects. Content is often about messages, compelling text and images that are reminiscent of the brand, and grabs immediate attention from the first impression.

SEO is less “emotional”, relying only on keywords and search data from Google. Besides, the ranking formulas of Google are often changed. Instead of just focusing on high-quality content to retain potential customers, marketers need to be more knowledgeable and “mind reading” of Google every day.

Backlink is a method to help website rank and save budget

Marketers need an SEO strategy so that the users don’t have to scour all the corners of the internet to find the content of the website.

Your website needs to be present on different platforms to show that you are ready to respond to visitors.

Fortunately, Google is still very consistent in ranking sites with lots of backlinks. Marketers still easily reach Google users without spending too much budget.

Websites that allow to post articles and insert link

Below, you can view the websites that allow you to create content and place links for free.

With open social networking sites, you only need to register an account to share images with a link to your website:

In case you want to PR your personal brand, websites like WordPress or Google Sites will be more suitable:

If you are a small business that wants to develop more sales channels, some of the following websites can help you put backlinks:

Backlinking is one of the ways to save you a lot of money, and therefore, needs your efforts in the first place. You can use the entire website or just one site in this article, but it is important that you take the time to create content and have quality backlinks.

When you see the stats go up in your website’s Analytics page, you probably won’t want to stop.

Try getting started today!