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Will web design still be important in the future?

About 20 years ago, web pages/ sites were considered the most important channel to introduce information and update the content of any business.

In the early 1990s, website design became a “hot” industry because the Internet had begun to be widely used. Technology is also developed depending on the design characteristics as well as the look and feel of the website. Mobile devices are becoming more and more essential in user’s daily lives. Everyone uses their phones to access the Internet and read news, watch videos on insightful websites that get noticed by the audience.

But at the present time, we must ask the question below:

Is there a future for website design?

Future tastes will be much more diverse and website design strategies may change a lot. The website that has overly complicated layouts and displays overflow content will not be practical anymore. Every business should radically rethink its approach to designing and developing websites.

In Vietnam, website design emphasizes the style and the entire main idea of ​​the business. Specifically, website design involves trends that include:

  • Retro trend: use vintage image, font, color, layout, typography and incorporate other elements such as vintage TVs, radio equipment, neon lights, old posters, etc.
  • Horizontal scrolling trend: instead of vertical scrolling, users will scroll horizontally to see information on the website. This is a way to break the conventional mold, creating the feeling of being in a photo gallery.
  • 3D visuals trend: easy to see in modern websites that want to highlight images on the homepage. The 3D effect is not only impressive but also helps to create harmony between design details.

  • Cartoon illustration trend: website cartoon characters offer a variety of creative elements, connecting with users personally and making brands even more lovely.
  • Handmade graphics trend: use only scribbles, messy cuts with textures similar to crayons and paints to bring seamlessness among different screens.

Website design bridges the gap between online and offline

We can easily acknowledge that website design trends are making the virtual world closer to the real world. Website design has basic and consistent rules, as well as the requirements related to typography, color, background, spacing of letters, body, images, how and where the logo is used.

All the details are meant to connect feeling together and reflect the business identity whenever possible. Although only a small part of an overall plan, website design still plays an extremely important role.

Thanks to the use of emotional elements in website design, Vietnamese businesses have many opportunities to increase the experience with users.