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Win the hearts of customers powerfully like South Sudan

Possibly South Sudan will sound like a dream or stories you often hear about tourist “paradise”. But one reason to love South Sudan is that it is so hospitable. What’s more, South Sudanese are known for their resilience, adaptability, and flexibility. Despite restrictions on international communication, South Sudanese people are friendly and kind.

Contrasted with Asia, they face obstacles without any complaints and are extremely self-sufficient. Everyone are welcomed as a visitor. You will have the opportunity to learn a lot about South Sudan.

Digital advertising according to South Sudan is a champion game. Let’s build on your knowledge base, provide practical information and help your customers get what they want.

We admit that knowledge bases are important for content creation. The goal is guide to the business and current services from A to Z. Most users do not search for products and services on the website right away. They tend to watch video tutorials on YouTube. Or look for suggestions from Facebook, Google to discover the answer.

Reasonable plan

A reasonable plan enhances the “power” of the business. Because no business wants a discrete approach that reduces the potential return on investment.

For leaders of businesses, digital marketing is part of the business development process. Therein, digital marketing is specifically defined. For example: blog articles, emails, social media, paid advertising and branding. Depending on available skills, resources and budget, the business fulfills its original expectations. However, a misstep in the strategy still happens such as a lack of overall consistency.

Check out the steps to effective planning for your business:

  • Objective: set up a meeting or chat with buyers/ solution seekers regarding services.
  • Strategy: drive sales by converting the meeting/ interaction into “sale leads”.
  • Revolution: continue to convince potential customers to make a purchase decision.

This is a plan designed to increase awareness, the number of the followers, lead generations, and help employees close deals quickly.

Early KPIs decision

If the KPIs for your goals are set in early time, your standards will be higher. This is really essential and important. KPIs accurately represent the vision of success for the digital marketing process. The suggested sample KPIs are as follows:

  • Increase customer meeting/ interaction from 10 to 50 and new leads from 3 to 15
  • Increase high sales revenue from 200 million VND to 500 million VND
  • Increase new transactions per month from 1 to 3 and shorten product order time from 90 to 60 days

The above metrics are seen as metrics in the overall project. Leaders and marketers of businesses will use digital content primarily. Mandatory digital content supports increasing awareness and interaction. It also helps build relationships and influence buying behavior at the final stage.

Sales channel maintain

In fact, many businesses are still unsuccessful to find the right digital sales channel. This is understandable as the sales funnel requires the necessary budget and resources. Do you know how to create a sales funnel for your business? See more below:

Typically, a business’ digital sales funnel includes:

  • Website: called the center position of the universe. Indeed! The website is not a place for you to put in any “secret” box. Each business will invest in the website in its own direction. Overall, the website needs to be updated and improved every month.
  • Social media: being the bridge between your chat platform and your website. Why not take advantage of it? First, you should keep a content schedule for users to interact with. Then, expand your connections and find more potential customers.
  • Email: Busy customers normally want to read emails in their free time. Your chance is here! Put aside all the work to write a complete email, with a friendly opening sentence and greeting to make a strong impression. Sending weekly emails to your target customers will help you create links with potential customers, retain them, and close deals faster.
  • Paid Advertising: Reaching multiple customer segments with paid advertising is the smart way to go. The number of paid campaigns that businesses usually run is 3 ads per month. Sometimes, paid ads help add “natural” engagement to your website and social media.
  • Influencer: whether you like to create a trend or just develop a small store, you should also consider using celebrities, KOLs. They have a large fan base so they will increase engagement with the brand.
  • Search engine optimization: what are the terms that customers refer to you? Using SEO properly, so even arduous goals can not stand in your way.

In conclusion

To sum up, the sales funnel requires many skills such as data analysis, planning, project management, content writing, SEO, graphic design, email marketing, database administration, sales, design, develop and coding websites.

You have to do it all by yourself. It will be difficult – too difficult. Therefore, make sure you are consulted by an agency that is experienced in the industry. They possess the skills, knowledge and expertise to fill these roles.