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Yay, one graphic creation tool but thousands of designs! Discover it now!

Days of our youth rely on presentations, Infographic, Facebook posts and videos of all kinds only. Now, there is Visme, soul mate! Explore the Visme graphic creation tool right below!

What is Visme?

According to a post of Payman Taei (Founder of Visme) on ProductHunt: Visme can be called an effective graphics kit like Workshop. Visme has officially launched with 2 versions for Mac and Windows! 🎉

To date, more than 4.5 million users across 120 countries have used it to build beautiful branded content without time investment or professional skills.

In the old days, you only needed to use PowerPoint to create presentations, reports, and share content. But nowadays you need to use Visme.

The key difference between Visme and PowerPoint is that Visme helps create presentations that are stunning, vibrant, and foster interaction. While PowerPoint restricts many design elements that make users have to create more basic presentations.

How many graphics?

Visme allows to export your files in a variety of formats such as images, PDF, PPTx or HTML5. Visme connects to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, Typeform, Unsplash, Giphy, and more.

Over 10,000 icons and vectors is contained inside Visme platform. The source of images and videos is provided completely free of charge.

Who is the user?

The Visme development team understands what users need from a creation tool. They make a version of the smooth performance that has seen only on high end applications. The Visme interface looks perfect with a streamlined experience, and the performance is of course extraordinary.

From presentations, Infographic, social posts to videos, Visme delivers content visualization for individuals and businesses which include small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

Anyone who uses Visme has elevated their creativity and collaboration skills. Visme has additional features such as animation, interaction, and brand management. Regarding collaboration, your team members or clients can put comments into the files. This helps the project progress as expected.

Why using this platform?

Visme Mac/ Windows desktop version is written based on usability criteria. Most actions are depended on drag and drop. Pin Visme to the Dock or Start Menu and access every design immediately when you need it.

List of the many benefits of Visme for desktop:

🖥  Browser tab limits are a thing of the past. With Visme, you can now create content seamlessly.

🛠  Why get stuck with hundreds of tabs? Instead, download the Mac/ Windows desktop version of Visme to use.

👩🏽‍💻  Edit the design even more effortlessly. The Visme editor is similar to a familiar web browser.

👨🏻‍🎨  Concentration speed improved by 100%. Because Visme was created to remove distractions and help you accomplish every design task at hand.


Besides, Visme will regularly have new updates on the desktop version and web browser. In the future, Visme promises to become the only graphics creation tool loved by users and customers.

Which are the steps?

Before experiencing Visme, you should register for an account by clicking “Sign up” on Visme website. Remember to use email and password if you have not logged in Gmail/ Facebook. So, you complete the form faster.

Once you have got an account, let’s proceed creating content with these steps:

1 – Create stunning visual content

Usually, the process of creating content starts with finding an image. Therefore, it is essential to learn visual content creation options at the first step. If you have never tried a design tool, you should think of Visme as a Workshop.

Touch the “Create New” button on the screen. Then select “New Project”:

    • Presentations: sorted by theme (modern, simple and creative) and specified template
    • Infographics: balance between images and content
    • Documents: plans, reports, proposals, journals, etc. (or select between static and animated)
    • Charts/ Graphs: presented in a list with random items
    • Printables: posters, flyers, menus, schedules, etc.
    • Web Graphics: desktop wallpaper, mobile wallpaper, wide skyscrapers, large rectangle, etc.
    • Social Graphics: ads, posts, cover photos of Facebook, etc. (or select between static and animated)
    • Video/ GIFs: background music and effects are very attractive
    • More!: mock up, letterhead, mood board, logo, labels…


2 – Make your content interactive

Have you ever seen an impressive banner on web? Or save an attractive slogan in your notebook?

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains the meaning of the creativity as follows: when you show creativity, you achieve the highest goals to be happy. Csikszentmihaly says that feeling happy is one of the highlights of the idea. When working on a project, you tend to show determination and patience. You can work for hours, often staying up late until you are satisfied with your work. The enthusiastic attitude leads to excitement and personality.

Play on digital advertising passion that you have to apply for the second step. Take your skills to the next level. This is your chance to show off your creative ideas.

3 – Review projects

Do you know? Each person possesses 10 contrasting creative traits. As a result, we are extremely imaginative, curious, and spend a lot of time resting, quietly contemplating topics of interest to us.

In this review step, try your best to incorporate other members’ designs for inspiration. When you interact with them, the overall results are also more guaranteed. Make sure to leave comments and edit the files together as well as set roles for each team member.

How to end?

Visme’s dashboard is to give you more confidence in creating visual content. All assets come together at once, auto matching with transitions, buttons, and animations.

Whether you are having trouble with presentations, infographics, or social media covers, Visme has a full range of impressive designs available. Visme Library is a satisfying choice for you.